Isekai Kenja No Tensei Musou ~Geemu No Chishiki De Isekai Saikyou~
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  • Reincarnation of Another World Sage ; Reincarnation of Another World Sage - Strongest in a Different World With Game Knowledge ; The Invincible Sage In The Second World ; 異世界賢者の転生無双 ; 異世界賢者の転生無双 ~ゲームの知識で異世界最強~
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A young man unfortunately died in the modern era, he reincarnated in another world under the name "Eldo," which also happened to be a world similar to a VRMMO game that he used to play in his previous life. However, it's a world where he knows the "basic skills." Eldo became a level 1 adventurer, playing as a "novice," but he knows the world better than anyone, and this is because of the "data he knows." Will the reincarnation in this world make him strong?
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