Uchi Wa Wakarete Kurashiteiru
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  • So Let's Start Being a Family Again ; Uchi Wa Wakarete Kurashiteru ; We Were Living Apart, So Let's Start Being a Family Again ; We Were Living Apart, so Let's Start My Family Again ; Мы живем отдельно ; ウチは別れて暮らしてる
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I met my divorced wife again after several years.Like Takefumi always says to himself, “She's a stranger now.” Even though his ex-wife, Chitose, has become more attractive than ever. One day when he accidentally goes out for a drink with her, and thinks he wants to spend a little more time with her tonight, he discovers a terrible truth.My ex-wife now has a child, and it's mine.A great love comedy that begins after a divorce! (Source: Tritina Scans)
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