My Horse Is A Fox Spirit?
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  • 朕的马是狐狸精 ; 朕的馬是狐狸精 ; Zhèn De Mǎ Shì Húlijīng ; Zhen De Ma Shi Hulijing ; My Horse Is a Vixen ; My Horse, My Fairy
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The super dedicated emperor who "only loves his kingdom and dislikes beauties," and the unfortunate vixen who "decided to use beauty to ruin the kingdom." Hu Xiaocha, a vixen who wants to seduce the emperor of the Qian Kingdom, transformed into horse to sneak into the imperial palace. When she's a horse, the emperor, Bai Liang, treats her with much love. However, when she transformed back into a human, Bai Liang turned a blind eye to her… Hey, hey! A vixen also needs to preserve their reputation, okay?!---"The ultra professional emperor is a workaholic who has no time for romance, and the unfortunate fox spirit is determined to bring chaos to the country through her looks! Hu Xiaocha, the fox spirit, wants to seduce the Emperor of Qian, and she turned into a horse to get into the palace. When she's a horse, Emperor Bai Liang showers her with love, but when she gains a human form, Bai Liang ignores her! “Hey, show some respect to fox spirits too, will you?!”---Original Webtoon: (, (, (, (
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