Meppou Yatara To Yowaki Ni Kiss
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  • 滅法矢鱈と弱気にキス
  • 3.19
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Yokosuka, is a high school boy who for the first time gets the result of the alpha gender in his second gender test. Which was a big surprise since his parents are beta, so he was forced to attend the dating party for the marriage interview proposed by the city council. There he meets many cute omega girls but, will he be able to find a nice girlfriend...!? Motivated by this, Yokosuka decides to undergo the compatibility diagnosis and the kind of partner who was on the other side of the door with whom he obtained a maximum percentage of 92% was someone rather gruff with a look of unfriendliness that turned out to be... A MAN!!??
Jun 23,22
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Jun 23,22
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