Not Knowing The Betrayal Of That Day
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  • 그날의 배신을 알지 못하여 / Not Knowing The Betrayal Of That Day / I didn’t anticipate the betrayal on that day
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Tricked by the people she trusted the most, Tessa not only sold herself but also the person she loved the most, damning them both to a life full of cruel abuse and misery. She became one of the many mistresses of a cruel old nobel, suffering insults, beatings and assaults on a daily basis. Yet, she did not die, continuing to barely hold on until seven years had passed.“Long time no see, Tessa.” Hert, who she thought had died, suddenly returned. Her former friend whose life she had destroyed had become a reputable man.“Are you long for your husband?” He took turns looking at Tessa and the portrait of the old lord he had just seen.“What will you do if I say that I killed that bastard?” Tessa sucked in her breath at just how terrifyingly cold his voice was.
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