Udon No Kuni No Kin'iro Kemari
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  • うどんの国の金色毛鞠 (Japanese); 乌冬面之国的金色毛球 (Chinese); Poco's Udon World; The Udon Country’s Golden Furball (English); Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari
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Following his estranged father's death, 30-year-old Tawara Souta returns to his home town in the Udon Prefecture, Kagawa, to deal with dispensing of property, which includes putting the family restaurant up for sale. There, he stumbles across a tanuki who's made the place his home; one thing leads to another, and he soon finds himself taking care of "Poco." But responsibility beckons, and his obligations in Tokyo force Souta to make a choice: abandon Poco and return to life in the big city, or stay on in the backwater town he'd left behind more than ten years ago?
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