Aifuji Yuu

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[It’s a familiar dungeon.]Inside a medium-boss room of an RPG game that he played again and again until he can get there with his eyes closed.Waiting for a hero, a demon who exists only to be defeated, got his former life memory revived.Knowing that, in his previous life, he was a nothing-special college student-Continuing to stay as a to-be-defeated mid-boss is a no.The determined him, decided to defeat the boss and escape the dungeon.That which was obtained in the process was a doping item called “pearl piece”.(Jap:”珠片”) The demon, who was ordered by the goddess to collect the 15 pearl pieces that was scattered around the world, decided that after all this, he at least want to travel around the world of his favorite RPG game. This would one day become the legend of the Demon God of Oeyama, the demon romance story.
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A world where life is determined by the natural . Fuuta, who was despised and exhausted because he was the strongest champion in the Colosseum but was , was banished from the Colosseum on his own match-fixing plan. After that, Fuuta, who met Princess Lilac at the end of the wandering, was asked for a duel for some reason-expected to have overwhelming ability due to his special fighting style, and was invited as an early bird = pimp! "Be proud of yourself. I expected your value." While living a comfortable life, in an emergency, he will demonstrate his outstanding sword talent as a former champion! The strongest who was unreasonably despised finally rewards a life reversal fantasy, opening here !!