Sakaki Mochimaru

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Game strategies and bursting with cheats: a second life! The strongest boss in the history of RPGs takes the world by storm! One day, the Demon Lord Menas is attacked by the empress of the Noahic Empire and her Revolutionary Empire. In the face of a beautiful blonde girl, Alex, a mysterious sense of deja vu washes over him… This looks just like the prologue of the game “Resis-Noah” in my dreams! After realizing that he is the final boss of this world, he decides to fake his death so he can enjoy a new life. With his cheats in hand, the new dark hero strives for a life of freedom!!
  • 4.37
  • 546
  • 1.4M
Sobiwaku Zero no Saikyou Kenshi Demo, Noroi no Soubi (kawaii) Nara 9999-ko Tsuke-hodai, 9999In the world where "gears" determine life. "Noroa the Zero", who has zero ability to hold the gear, is totally worthless human. However, in fact, he can hold 9,999 gears, but only "cursed gears".
  • 4.18
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  • 535.6K
In a world where your value is determined by the amount of equipment slots you're born with, our young protagonist Noroa, who dreams of becoming an adventurer has... zero equipment slots! However, he's able to equip 9999 items only if they are cursed?! His adventure begins a fateful day after meeting a mysterious doll and acquiring a cheat-like cursed sword!