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”Is it okay to kill people?"A treacherous revenge suspense by Shiryu Nakatake, a newcomer to Bessatsu Shonen Magazine."Shun, if someone is converted, let him go and do nothing. He should be given a chance to be reborn.""Grandpa, I hope he doesn't reincarnate himself."In order to defeat several non-human monsters, the boy also became something non-human.Shin Uruma, a sixth-grade student, was named "Experimental body: A" by five of his classmates and was severely bullied and lived in hell. His only peace was with his brother, who loved him, and his parents, who protected him.... . until the five monsters killed his family.When he finally loses everything and faces true hell, a dark "wish" is born inside Shun. He was reborn under the training of his grandfather, who served in a secret unit during WWII. Now, four years later, he appears in front of his fated enemy."I won't let ANYONE get in the way of my revenge."
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Somewhere in Japan a young boy spent much of his time in the hospital due to illness. Looking out from the hospital window, he always thought: "I want to be a bird a bird, and fly freely across the never ending sky" On that fateful day, he passed.... Only to find himself reborn as a bird?! But he was different from a normal bird. they don't spit fire from their mouths, right? Now that he could finally fly, he set off, only to find the blue sky being blocked out by dark clouds. This is a story about an unusual bird who wants to fly freely under the blue sky, but is met with dark clouds, said to have adverse effects on all the creatures in the unknown kingdom of Nouzen.
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Eric has had a hard life. At the age of 16, his village was overrun by monsters, who killed his friends and family. He soon became a soldier but failed to save the life of the woman he loved. In the end, he died on the battlefield, surrounded by the bodies of those who he couldn’t protect.

When Eric wakes up, he finds himself in a baby’s body. Realizing he has been reincarnated, he quickly wonders what is going on before he gets another shocker: the man and woman who are raising him are in fact his previous life’s parents!

That’s right - Eric was reincarnated but as himself. No alternate worlds, no skill trees, just his memories sent back to the moment he popped out of his mother. Armed with the knowledge of his past self, Eric vows to save everyone now that the universe has pushed the reset button for him.
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...You did  read the title, right?