• 5.43
  • 1113
  • 4,439,905
Kang Moo Han is a cheap loan shark who suddenly died in a car accident. A few moments after his death, a mysterious black hole suddenly appeared. And now his goal is to become the ruler of the underworld. In order for him to achieve his objective, he has to complete all the quests and challenge the other kings of the underworld, who are also eagerly waiting for an opportunity… Will he be able to achieve his goal and become the god of death?
  • 4.62
  • 1664
  • 6,064,447
Mu Soh Wol opened his eyes 20 years later to stop the cults aiming to dominate the midlands. “Who are you……!” The question of his defeated foes. But they received an answer that filled them with despair… “Mu So Wol…that is my name!” The legend of the War God, forgotten in time, has begun once more.
  • 4.2
  • 146
  • 126,183
The prince saved the cursed princess! Will the prince and princess continue like this to the happy ending?! Searching for a calm love and fate, the prince-awaiting princess Lemon’s story unfolds! At least it’s supposed to…
  • 3.29
  • 397
  • 1,988,448
She’s been married for three years without knowing who her husband is, yet…“What do you call me?” He smirked, chest vibrating as his husky voice licked her ear.“P…President?”“Wrong!” He pressed harder, sending sensations down her delicate spine.“Hu…hubby!”
  • 4.6
  • 78
  • 419,126
On Earth, spirits roam. As thousands of years pass, many curious and peculiar species are birthed. Some spirits satisfy their own desires by devouring weak human begins. With this, a group of humans possessing special powers came into being: exorcists, wizards... Within them, include those miraculous beings who defy natural laws. With one pen, they are able to redraw one's features... We call them: Skin Painters. The manhua tells the story of the master (The Skin Painter) and his disciple as they travel the world.
  • 4.15
  • 518
  • 626,536
Zhao Dongting was betrayed and killed by his lover, but he came back to life in Dynasty Song South and become emperor. He stepped on the dead sea and set foot on the throne, and turned the madness to the side, and helped to build the kingdom, and become the legend of the supreme emperor!
  • 4.59
  • 401
  • 882,477
Japanese──────職場で気になる彼女は、バニラの匂い――。職場の気になる彼女との連絡は、いつもコートのポケットを介した付箋メモ交換。「暖かくなったら、もう終わっちゃうのかな……」おっとり可愛い湯川さんとサバサバ美人な水城さんの恋の行方は!?――胸がきゅっとなるOL百合English─────The woman she's interested in carries around the scent of vanilla.They would always communicate through exchanging pieces of notes that would be placed inside the coats' pockets.'When the weather becomes warmer, will all this end?'The quiet and cute, Yukawa-san and the beautiful lady, Mizuki-san, where will their love go?An exciting and heart-pounding OL Yuri Manga
  • 4.49
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  • 144,509
Fate/Grand Order: Epic of Remnant - Pseudo-Singularity I: Quarantined Territory of Malice, Shinjuku - Shinjuku Phantom Incident summary is updating. Come visit MangaNelo.com sometime to read the latest chapter of Fate/Grand Order: Epic of Remnant - Pseudo-Singularity I: Quarantined Territory of Malice, Shinjuku - Shinjuku Phantom Incident. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
  • 4.42
  • 417
  • 545,192
After reincarnated, the Immortal Demon turned into two babies, and was adopted by ordinary man Qin Lan. As the power of the immortal demon in the two daughters continued to leak, Qin Lan’s life changed dramatically. Qin Lan gradually discovered that his encounter with his two daughters was not an accidental encounter, but a cause and effect that had been destined in his previous life.
  • 4.69
  • 915
  • 5,401,597
Ling Jian Chen, the master of the God-Emperor , is reborn as a mortal, and he has started an unbeatable life that defeat everyone against him! Genius? Even the God-Emperor is my student. Talking about genius and masters? Even the God-Emperor serves me with respect in order to receive my words of guidance, are you as unbeatable as me? Beauties? Have you ever heard of the most beautiful goddess in the Divine Realm? She has tried everything to stay with me … Everyone in heaven, listen to my orders, I’m the one and the only in all the eight realms in heaven.
  • 4.41
  • 32
  • 10,304
A car accident made Fang Yin Yin into a cat. As well as being a full-time nurse for three kittens, she also has to deal with an overbearing president. “From today on, you’re my cat, remember this in your head.” “You damn stray cat, so ugly and yet you’re still trying to entice me.” “It’s so troublesome being so dazzling all the time. Being my cat, you also feel tired, right?”
  • 4.74
  • 1903
  • 6,335,411
Kosuke found him self in a whole different world. WHAT?Standing there with the wilderness to the east and a forest to his left, he decided to make good use of the occurrence, and tests his knowledge, to where he finds this amazing crafting ability, just like the games from his orginal world!  Introducing... Craft Game no Nouryoku de Isekai Kouryaku!  Enjoy :3
  • 4.07
  • 68
  • 175,366
Four years ago, a relationship full of regret, four years later, a reunion that should have never occurred. Like a hedgehog with its spikes raised, he says hurting words he does not mean. Like a canary trapped in a cage, she has nowhere to escape. In the name of being bound, they embrace again.
  • 4.41
  • 416
  • 1,193,220
Return Of The Avenger summary is updating. Come visit MangaNelo.com sometime to read the latest chapter of Return Of The Avenger. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
  • 2.73
  • 30
  • 32,679
To survive in this world, one must be fire-proof, burglary-proof, and…bestie-proof? Set up by her bestie, she woke up trapped in the arms of a mysterious man. To take revenge, she married this enigma of a man, only to find herself drowned in his 1000 ways of doting on her. He promised to follow their stipulated rules, but how could he make her heart flutter every hour of every day? “From now on you have me to spoil you,” sending gentle words into her ear, he weaved a sweet dream for her, yet this was a dream with other purposes…. “I want to divorce you!” having realized the truth, she left him determined. Years later, her reappearance lightened up his world again. She couldn’t quite figure why this man wouldn’t let go even when he already got what he wanted…
  • 4.8
  • 35
  • 72,801
Xu Nian is the most powerful genius in history, but was abandoned because of family suppression. After experiencing the revenge of the family, the goddess of the realm was admitted into the harem, the deity of the demon world bowed his head as an apprentice, and the dragon of the demon world was a mount! Annoying Xu Nian, whoever touches Xu Nian’s reverse scale, will definitely die better than life! Adapted from Xu Sanjia’s novel of the same name “Hong Tian Shen Zun”.O