Yuzuriha Kenta

  • 4.81
  • 1160
  • 3.8M
A young boy who wants to make friends through standing out with his proudly invented gadgets meets a dragon girl (more accurately, a Zmeu) who clearly stands out no matter how much she tries to hide. What will the encounter between these two bring?
  • 4.65
  • 1399
  • 5M
A world where life is determined by the natural . Fuuta, who was despised and exhausted because he was the strongest champion in the Colosseum but was , was banished from the Colosseum on his own match-fixing plan. After that, Fuuta, who met Princess Lilac at the end of the wandering, was asked for a duel for some reason-expected to have overwhelming ability due to his special fighting style, and was invited as an early bird = pimp! "Be proud of yourself. I expected your value." While living a comfortable life, in an emergency, he will demonstrate his outstanding sword talent as a former champion! The strongest who was unreasonably despised finally rewards a life reversal fantasy, opening here !!