People Made Fun Of Me For Being Jobless But Its Not Bad At All
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  • Fuguushoku to Baka ni Saremashita ga, Jissai wa Sorehodo Waruku Arimasen? ; People Made Fun of Me for Being Jobless but Its Not Bad at All ; Все смеялись надо мной из-за отсутствия профессии, но всё не так уж и плохо ; 不幸职业的幸运? ; 不遇職とバカにされましたが、実際はそれほど悪くありません?
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Shirosaki Reito was suddenly sucked in by a mysterious crack and got transferred in between dimensions. He got reincarnated as a baby in another world. He was born in the royal family and was the heir to the throne, but he was driven/kicked of the palace. The reason was that he was born as a Support magician and had Alchemist as a job which was the lowest job that existed in the new world and people who had that were considered jobless. But there was a secret hidden in that job!!
From jobless to the strongest job!!!
Dec 15,22
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