Hell Mode: Yarikomi Suki No Gamer Wa Hai Settei No Isekai De Musou Suru
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  • Hellmode ~Gamer Who Likes to Speedrun Becomes Peerless in a Parallel World with Obsolete Setting~ ; ヘルモード ~やり込み好きのゲーマーは廃設定の異世界で無双する~
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"Will you be summoned to the world of a never-ending game?" One day, I was looking for a new game, when I suddenly saw that ad. After choosing the most difficult mode of the game, "hell mode", I was suddenly reincarnated into a new world as a farmhand.  As a boy named Allen, I started my journey in another world with the highest difficulty, overcoming all challenges to achieve the greatest title of the game "Summoner" .----- The 1st rank promising novel in the magazine "Let's become a writer", an extremely anticipated story.
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