Kimi Ni Koisuru Satsujinki
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  • Kimi ni Koisuru Satsujinki ; Killer in Love ; Kimi ni Koi Suru Satsujin-ki ; The Killer Who Loves You ; きみに恋する殺人鬼
  • 4.25
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  • 7.2M
  • 42
Suzuki Ryuuto is an introverted, timid college student. Every day he puts on a fake smile, trying his best to blend into a group of outgoing students even despite cruel teasing about his virginity.But one day, he comes to a drinking party where he meets a beautiful girl, Kokoa. Per her request, he starts to pretend to be her boyfriend to ward off the stalker who is harassing Kokoa.That tender love was the beginning of a tragedy...
Sep 17,22
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