Suginami Toubatsu Koumuin: Dungeon Kinmu No Hitobito
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  • Suginami Toubatsu Koumuin ; Suginami Toubatsu Koumuin - Dungeon Kinmu no Hitobito ; Suginami, Public Servant and Eliminator - The People on Dungeon Duty ; スギナミ討伐公務員 ; スギナミ討伐公務員~異世界(ダンジョン)勤務の人々~杉并区讨伐公务员 ; スギナミ討伐公務員~異世界勤務の人々~
  • 4.2
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  • 769.1K
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A Japan where monster-filled other worlds - dungeons - are simply normal. Public servants known as the "Capture Division" are in charge of dealing with them! Yuunagi Yuuma, a newbie eliminator who longs to be a hero, pairs up with his dispassionate yet surprisingly caring senpai Yonaga- and heads out to his 9-to-5 job subjugating other worlds!
Nov 23,22
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