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Fist Of The North Star - Strawberry Flavor summary:

In this *very* zany take on the dramatic series by Buronson and Tetsuo Hara, the end of the century… wasn't so bad, actually. A *very* special and brave Holy Emperor, Souther, wants to become more "involved" and to be on "friendly terms" with the noble Kenshiro & his posse. *Especially* Kenshiro. Due to his very outgoing nature, he also crashes the homes of his other buddies, often when they *especially* don't want him to show up! Join Souther as he releases his feelings in heart-throbbing, mind-bending confessions, settles complex and engrossing territorial disputes with deep and intricate consequences, enjoys the simple and introspective pleasures of a quiet dinner, and climbs the top of the rough and brutal pyramid that is the idol world - with the help of his best buddies, of course! Maybe even Kenshiro will be there - who knows! By the time it got its anime in 2015, *Strawberry Flavor* had sold over 1 million copies in Japan. The anime was composed of 2-minute long, abridged adaptations of select chapters from the first three volumes. They were placed after the main episodes of *DD Fist of the North Star* season 2. Every volume also contains at least one *gaiden* (side story). These gaiden are drawn in Yukito's (the elder sister of Yukito Imouto) normal artstyle, and expand on characters who did not receive gaiden during the Hokuto Gaiden period in the late 2000's. Gaiden List: Volume 1: Spade, Club & Diamond, Heart Volume 2: Souther Volume 3: Shuren & Huey Volume 4: Fudo Volume 5: Yuda Volume 6: Shin Volume 7: Falco & friends, Ein Volume 8: Ogai Volume 9: Devil Rebirth
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