This Croc Will Die In 100 Days CHAPTER LIST

Schrödinger's Sheep summary:

An ordinary corporate slave, Ding Xueyang, has a secret - He has a special ability! But his special ability has a flaw; if he is seen using it, the special ability will be randomized to a new one. For over twenty years, in order to keep this secret, Ding Xueyang has been living very cautiously. He didn't have a significant other, didn't make any friends, and didn't even keep a pet. Until one day, a homeless person came across his secret, and from then on Ding Xueyang has plunged into an abyss of suffering!+
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 29 1.4K May 13,24
Chapter 26 1.8K May 07,24
Chapter 21 1.8K Apr 27,24
Chapter 18 2.4K Apr 21,24
Chapter 16 2.3K Apr 20,24
Chapter 3 5.6K Feb 07,24
Chapter 2 5.5K Feb 07,24
Chapter 1 6.6K Feb 07,24
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